It’s more than a name, it’s a legend: For more than 50 years the Benedetti family have been delighting admirers with artisan specialities based on the traditions of this historic and beautiful land, all prepared by our expert delicatessen workers and cheese makers. Lean and tasty meat reared in Lessinia, typical cold cuts, matured and refined cheeses, jams and mostarde. You will experience knowledge and flavours from real connoisseurs which, thanks to our passion for quality, to unique recipes and to culinary skill perfected over many years, haven’t been lost in time. As well as our house specialities we also offer a selection of the best Valpolicella and artisan beers. The shop will be your first stop on visiting Bosco Allegro: here you can buy everything you need – meat, cheese and fire kits - for special BBQs, picnics and mouth-watering snacks.
If there’s one thing adults and children, carnivores and vegetarians can all agree on, it’s the barbecue. Food cooked quickly and simply on the grill is one of life’s simple, healthy and tasty pleasures. With top-quality Corrado Benedetti products, success is guaranteed! In the BBQ Piazza you have free reign to organise aperitivi, drinks, birthday parties and reunions with family and friends – any event, big or small. We can even organise everything for you, just like we do with our famous catering and buffet home delivery service. Besides the barbecues the Piazza also has many steps where you can sit informally and comfortably and enjoy the hot, smoky food you’ve just prepared.
bar allegro
Bosco Allegro presents a new corner of goodness!
For a great coffee or refreshing cold drink we present to you… Bar Allegro!
Come and find us… We’re open every Sunday until 7pm. We look forward to meeting you!
For large groups or if you simply want to spoil yourself for the day we have seven picnic shelters - covered wooden structures with large barbecues, tables, seats and benches - all surrounded by beautiful green countryside - it's a real treat!
All for one and one for all!
The picnic shelters have plenty of tables and are big enough for more than one group, so don't be surprised if you're sharing the barbecue with other friends! Just organise yourselves and get into the spirit of dining al fresco… at Bosco Allegro it’s easy to make new friends! However, if you have a particularly important “private” celebration we can reserve a shelter just for you. Naturally this needs to be agreed in advance, please telephone us to agree a date and price for this exclusive offer.
The name says it all: there's allegria (joy) and bosco (woods). It’s particularly enjoyable to take a stroll in the countryside surrounding the hill that overlooks the area, taking in the clean Lessinia air and admiring the unique species of tree and a thousand shades of green. We are 700 m above sea level so walking these paths is particularly relaxing and appetite stimulating! After lunch it’s perfect for getting over any sense of guilt! The less active will appreciate the original benches in the shape of animals, which are ideal for catching a breath. Children can get involved too. For them we have designed an animal petting area. There's so much for them to enjoy and discover!
Entertaining the children is easy and enjoyable thanks to a reserved area with wooden toys on which to climb, hide, balance and have all sorts of fun! Bosco Allegro really is the ideal place for children to run around in the open air and socialise with other little ones.